This is the shared hosting server for

This server provides hosting for friends. It is managed by James Read. If you have questions or concerns in regards to hosting or what is being hosted here, please contact me.

Reporting Abuse

If you are here because there are issues with a website hosted on this domain, get in contact - the issue will be investigated as soon as possible.


James Read runs this server. You'll find my email address clearly listed on my personal homepage. My mobile number is also listed for emergancies.

Requesting an Account

Please contact me if you would like an account. Please read the New Users section of this page.

New Users


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Existing Users


Please contact me directly directly for support.

Connection Details

You can connect to this server via SFTP only - there is no FTP access because FTP is old and insecure. FileZilla, WinSCP and many other file transfer programs support this. SFTP is not the same as FTPS (which the server does not allow).

username provided to you. No spaces, no domain.
A password provided to you. Contact me to reset your password.
22 (default)

If you don't have a domain, you can access you webspace here:<username>

MySQL Databases

If you have MySQL databases enabled on your account, you can connect with the following details;

Your username used to connect to the server via SFTP.
Your database password, which can be found in "dbpassword.conf" in your home directory.

To administer your databases, phpMyAdmin is installed. Use your database connection details to login to the interface.